Major Writing Assignment #2 –The Devil’s Highway
In the second major writing assignment, each student will take an investigatory look at the nonfiction work of The Devil’s Highway. The assignment will be the student’s original work, and it is considered to be a formal writing assignment.
“The Working World: Sweating Under a New Sun” & “The Fringe World: Outside Looking in, and Inside Looking Out” are the thematic frameworks for our investigation. Look back to this handout for stated themes, issues, concerns, topics, etc.
The Devil’s Highway will serve as your primary source for the topic at hand. Take what you have learned in this nonfictional account about a very real issue and dig deeper for facts; conduct your own investigation.
* Locate 3 articles about the current state of immigration issues between the US/Mexico borders.
Guiding Outline/Questions for your Investigation:
What are the issues at hand? Lay the foundation early as you write. Refer to A & B (from the thematic notes/handout) from above to help you identify the issues and let your reader know where your investigation began – you learned of the topic through your reading. HAVE A CLEAR THESIS IN THE INTRODUCTION.
Where did your investigation take you as you began your research?
What is the current state of immigration between the US/Mexico borders? Has there been change? Are the issues the same or changing?
The Devil’s Highway tells a specific story of a group of immigrants – what other stories/experiences are out there?
Do you see similarities/differences in the secondary articles and the nonfictionalized work (TDH) of the border issues? After considering the primary and secondary sources, what are you left with? What conclusions have you arrived at? Predictions?

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