Briefly describe (no more then 1/2 pages in length) when did the battle happen? where did the battle happen? who fought the battle? why did it happen? what was the result of the battle? how does your topic field into the battle? after that describe who is he? What is his background and training for this operation? What is he trying to accomplish? Discuss his experience and how that will help accomplish the mission. What forces does he have ,of what type and quality? What are his action during the battle? Next will analyze the first part of analyze FOCUSED ON how your topic relates to some aspect of current US Army doctrine defined in ADP 3-0 OPERATION or any other from the second part of analyze 1. what aspects are still revelant to miitary operation during the 21th centary 2 what can be learned from this event or topic? so what needs to be adressed i need citing also source: 1′ A devil of a whipping The battle of Cowpens’ Lawrence E Babits (chapter 4 &5) 2 ‘Battle of Cowpens Staff Ride Book ‘ third additional- 2014 (TAB H,V) it should be 5 full pages 

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