follow paper which is uploaded my major chimerical enginnering 500-word minimumIntroduction (one paragraph) Introduction (one paragraph) In the introduction, state the purpose of your essay. You may want to begin by explaining your particular career interest. The introduction should be a summary that answers the question: How do your current interests, knowledge and skills fit with becoming a ____________[insert career of interest]? Major Choice (two to three paragraphs) Consider and answer the following questions as part of your essay. Be sure to include information from, and references to, your career research that supports and justifies your major choice.  How do your interests, skills and motivations mesh with your major of choice?  Which careers have you considered and why?  How have you narrowed your career choices and decided on a major?  What interests you most about your chosen field?  What other experiences (work, educational, personal, leadership-oriented, etc.) ar

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