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HIM professionals are often called on to create reports. The organization counts on your deep knowledge of the medical record content, of federal regulations, and state requirements to ensure that the report is accurate and complete. This assignment is designed to allow you to demonstrate how you would create a report, the elements that would need to be in it (data fields) and any qualifying data (how you would get this particular data set from a large database of all patient records). Study the case study and then determine

  1. what criteria you would need to extract the data from the database
  2. what the report would look like (data field titles) to best represent this case study
  3. how should the user be able to sort the data (sort options) for further analysis



Case Study: Dr. Bartlett is enrolled in a quality improvement initiative and has been collecting data for submission on the quality measures pertaining to diabetes. He has asked you for a report that contains his patients who are over the age of 20 with a diagnosis of diabetes or gestational diabetes. Using your knowledge of data storage and retrieval, and data mining techniques, design a report that will capture all pertinent information that Dr. Bartlett may need. The design should include the following elements and can be turned in using Word or Excel:

Criteria used to filter the information from the EHR (e.g. specific diagnoses)

Data that would be displayed when the report is printed/displayed (e.g. patient name)

Any sorting criteria that may be helpful (e.g. sort alphabetically by patient name)


Submit your answers in a short essay.



Sayles, Nanette B. Introduction to Computer Systems for Health Information Technology, 2nd edition. AHIMA Press. 2014.

Chapters 3, 4, 5, and 6

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