Week 14:  April 28 & 30  – Love and Death          


Castillo, Chap. 9 “Sofia, Who Would Never Again Let Her Husband Have the Last Word…”

Chap. 10 “Wherein Sofia Discovers La Loca’s Playmate…”

Chap. 11 “The Marriage of Sofia’s Faithful Daughter to her Cousin”

Chap. 12 “Of the Hideous Crime of Francisco el Penitente…”


1.   For all chapters, identify the four levels of analysis:  1) metaphoric/symbolic; 2) literary; 3) sociological; and spiritual.


Chapter  9 “Sofia, Who Would Never Again Let Her Husband Have the Last Word…”

2.   In this chapter, Sofia begins a transformation of her own.  What is this transformation and what role does Esperanza play?


Chapter  10

3.    In this chapter, we return to La Loca, reading from her point of view.  What do we learn from this, the youngest of Sofi’s daughters?


4.   As Fe leaves Sofia’s home we realize she has not come to terms with what she went through when Tom broke off the engagement.  What is Fe like now?  Has she also changed?


5.  What about Esperanza, what news about her?  And what about “La Llorona, Chicana international astral-traveler”?


Chapter 11

6.     Much happens to Fe in this chapter.  Be able to recount all of Fe’s experiences and the relationship to big business, the U.S. government, and the medical profession.


Chapter 12


7.     What to make of this last chapter in Caridad and Francisco’s lives?  What are the recurring themes and metaphors/symbolizes, etc.?


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