Literature Review – Prostate Cancer
Individual Project and Grading Scale: The topic is the prostate Cancer

1) Select a research project based on health related topics you and your instructor are interested in. (5 points) DONE—-Prostate Cancer

2) Review the Literature related to your topic(s).
a. Find no less than 3 recent (less than 1 year) publications in peer-reviewed journals related to your topic(s). (15 points)

b. Review and discuss the Methods of those articles. (15 points) for each article complete:
i. Identify the type of study.
ii. Sample size and sampling method.
iii. Sources of information researchers used.
iv. Identify variables the used/selected.
v. Identify Statistical Tests (Test of Hypothesis) performed.
vi. Statistical software used.

c. Discuss the project’s outcome main applications in the health care industry. (20 points)
d. Organize references in the latest version of APA format. (5 points)
e. Insert as a link the website where the article was retrieved. (5 points)
f. In addition upload the article for me to print and attach with the assignment

3) Construct three or more research questions for your selected topic/project.
(10 points)
4) Identify ALL variables you will need to answer the research questions.
(10 points)
5) Examine and select the appropriate statistical techniques/tools you will use based on the research questions and collected data. (15 points)

Prepare a document in MS Word following the APA format.

Data must be recent, accurate, and professionally organized in a requested format. Sources of information should be valid and clearly identified (APA format).

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