Type: Book/movie review

Subject: Literature

Topic: Literary Analysis: Black Mirror (Netflix Series) – “White Bear”.

Style: MLA

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You will write a minimum of 800 words critical response to a conflict, problem or theme explored in one of the Episodes of Black Mirror. I think one of the episodes that are more meaningful and easy-to-write about is “White Bear”.

“White Bear” begins as a dystopian horror reminiscent of 28 Days Later, but where it ends up is far more disturbing. It’s a story about our social appetite for punishment, a recurring theme in the worlds of Black Mirror.

This is an “argumentative essay,” meaning that you are supposed to have a “debatable” thesis statement that you will prove through evidence using your chosen episode and at least one scholarly source. NOTE: This is not supposed to be a summary of what happens; it is an analysis of a scene, character, theme, symbol, or allegory as a means to gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between Identity, information technology, and society. Your paper needs to be 80% analysis.

Please refer to the attachment to see all the requirements.


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