In this module, you will be reading about plot and narrator in fiction, both of which are necessary for an effective narrator.  In “Sonny’s Blues,” Baldwin has two main characters:  Sonny and his brother.  They each choose very different lifestyles and have a very difficult time understanding each other’s choices.  Sonny’s brother often narrates with a sense of bafflement over Sonny’s love of music and drug addition–both part of the world that he inhabits.


After reading the story, reflect on an incident when you and a family member took a very different perspective.  Why did you “see” this event differently?  How was it resolved?




Your initial response should be around 250 words. Your response to a classmates’ discussion should be around 100 words and add to the discussion (i.e. posing questions, reflecting on their response, etc.). All posts and responses should contain proper grammar, be free of spelling errors, be substantial, and reflect critical thinking. 


Remember: Be supportive, considerate, and constructive when replying to your classmates.

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