There are many recommendations, guidelines, and best practices for firewall management. Some argue that an operating system’s host firewall software may offer sufficient security. Therefore, they suggest, all options should be evaluated before discounting the operating system’s host firewall software.   

  • List and explain five typical firewall guidelines or practices.  Select two of the best practices that you feel are more important than the others. Examine and evaluate Window’s 7 or 10 host software firewall and one other operating system host firewall (other than Linux).  Select the one that you feel is superior.  Provide rationale for your responses.

After reading a few of your classmate’s postings, reply to the ones from which you learned something new or to which you have something to add. Remember to get in early and post often.

Additional post option: Is there an inherent risk in relying solely on the host firewall?  If so, what is that risk?


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