Lieutenant Brown’s First Week Part 2
After the Haitian rally at the Airport had concluded, Captain Watts headed back to his office and asked Sergeants Fred Jenkins and Bill Jones to meet him there. Jenkins had taken Lieutenant Brown to the hospital, where she was checked for dehydration and then released. Watts had instructed Jenkins to drive Lieutenant Brown to her home and to advise her that the Captain had ordered her to take the rest of the afternoon off on Administrative Leave. Jenkins drove Lieutenant Brown home and then drove back to the Airport Station where Captain Watts and Sergeant Jones were waiting. Jenkins sat down.
Captain Watts asked, “Fred, what the hell happened out there? Did Lieutenant Brown freeze under pressure?”
“Sir, I don’t know… I don’t know if she has a medical condition, or what the problem is… but she seemed fine… up until things started to get a little hectic… and then she just went blank. You know what I mean… that far away stare in her eyes” replied Jenkins.
Sergeant Jones interrupted, “Captain… I’m sorry, but Lieutenant Brown has no business being out there commanding a field force… she is clueless… she froze up under pressure… that’s unacceptable… all the officers saw what happened and they’re all talking about her… I think the word is out that Lieutenant Brown cracked under pressure.”
Captain Watts responded, “hold on Bill… let’s not get ahead of ourselves… before everyone goes off and starts judging her, I think it’s only fair that I talk to her first and find out what happened… get her side of the story.”
Sergeant Jones replied, “Captain… this is not a health issue, this is a cowardice issue. I saw it in her eyes… I have seen that look in others’ before. Lieutenant Brown is not fit to command a field force or a platoon, for that matter.”
Captain Watts then turned to Sergeant Jenkins, “Fred, what’s your take on this?”
“Captain, I have to agree with Bill… I don’t think the officers are going to have much respect for her after what happened today.”
Watts concluded the meeting by stating, “alright guys… thank you for coming in and giving your honest assessment of Lieutenant Brown. I will talk to her and get her side of the story. One thing that I want to make absolutely clear to both of you is that I don’t want the rumor mill to get out of control. I know that the officers are already talking about this, but I want both of you to put an end to it. If you hear anyone bringing up this matter in casual conversation, tell them that Lieutenant Brown got sick and had to be taken to the hospital. She will be put on light duty for a while. That’s it. No rumors… no innuendoes. I’m going to hold you both accountable for that. Make sure it doesn’t spread… am I clear on this?”
“Yes sir” both sergeants said at the same time.
Then Watts dismissed them, “that will be all for now, thank you.”
                      
Captain Watts called Lieutenant Brown at her home and asked her how she was doing. Brown told him that she was feeling better, and that she wanted to come to work. Watts agreed and set an appointment to see her in his office at 3 p.m. the next day.
The next day, Lieutenant Brown arrived at Captain Watt’s office at 3:15 p.m. (15 minutes late). As she walked in, before Watts could say anything, Brown stated, “I am so sorry I’m late… couldn’t find a parking place… I’m sorry.”
“Sylvia, come on in… that’s OK… please close the door behind you and have a seat.”
Lieutenant Brown sat in one of three chairs in front of Captain Watt’s desk. Watts sat back comfortably in his large swivel chair behind his desk. Watts asked, “How are you feeling?”
Brown responded, “I’m fine now… a little embarrassed about what happened yesterday… but physically I’m fine now… I think that medicine that I’m taking for menstrual cramps may have affected me… I didn’t eat much that day, and I think I got dehydrated.”
Watts went on, “OK… good… I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better. I’m sorry I threw you to the wolves like that, but you were the only lieutenant on duty at the time, and I …”
Brown interrupted, “Captain… you don’t have to apologize to me… I should be the one who’s apologizing. I’m sorry I let you down and I’m sorry I let my officers down… I’m very embarrassed by this… I can imagine what they’re thinking right now.”
Watts answered back, “Sylvia… that’s OK… you don’t need to apologize for getting sick. The officers will understand. I already talked to both your sergeants and they understand that also. I’ve made sure that they will support you in every way.”
Brown then said, “Well, thank you for saying that, and thank you for your support. If you don’t have anything else, I’d like to get to work now.”
“Whoa… hold on… are you sure you’re ready to go back to work so soon? I was going to give you a couple of Admin days… off the books to give you time to recover… there’s no rush to get back. Sergeant Jenkins is a very capable A-slash (acting lieutenant)” said Watts.
Brown answered, “Captain, I appreciate that, but I want to get back to work as soon as possible. It’s my way of getting back on the horse after being thrown off. It’s something that I need to do.”
“OK Sylvia… I understand that, and I respect you for that. Let me know how things are going. You have my number and you can call me anytime… OK?”
“Thank you Captain.”
“Alright Sylvia. Can you close the door behind you as you leave? Thank you.”
                      
In the privacy of his office, Captain Watts then called Major Foster on his cell phone. “Hey Major…hope your vacation is going well… sorry for calling you.”
“Jim, I told you that you can call me anytime… besides… I’ve been expecting your call. I heard what happened with Sylvia Brown” stated Major Foster.
“Yes sir… I’m sorry. I would have called you yesterday, but I wanted to talk to Sylvia first and get her side of the story before I called you about this,” responded Captain Watts.
“Look… I understand the delay in calling me… but just so you know, others are talking about this, and if I already found out about it from other sources… what does that say about your officers? What does that say about you?”
“Major, I already talked to the two sergeants and made sure they would keep a lid on this and keep the rumors down. I’m sorry that you found out about this from someone else instead of me. That won’t happen again… I assure you…”
Major Foster interrupted, “OK Captain… tell me how you are going to handle this.”
“Well, I met with Sylvia just a few minutes ago, and she was very apologetic. She told me that she had apparently dehydrated as a result of not eating well and taking medication for her menstrual cramps. She’s very embarrassed that this happened and she’s eager to get back to work. I was going to give her a couple of days off so she could rest, but she insisted on getting back to work immediately…”
The Major stopped the Captain in mid-sentence, “whoa… hold on a minute… you are not going to put her back on that platoon… there’s no way I’m going to allow an incompetent lieutenant have command over that platoon.”
“But Major…”
“Captain… apparently you’re not listening… let me say it again… Lieutenant Brown will not command that platoon… not as long as I’m the major of this district… do you understand?”
“Yes sir, but where do I put her? I already have Pete Bench as my administrative lieutenant. Quite frankly, there’s not enough administrative work for him. I don’t really need an administrative lieutenant, much less, two of them.”
Major Foster countered, “well then… put Bench on afternoons and move Brown to the admin lieutenant’s position… I’m sure Bench won’t mind… but it doesn’t matter… he’s mid management and he’s not protected by the union contract. Give him a couple of days off if he needs them so that he can get his personal schedule worked out… get it done.”
“Major… I’m not sure… I don’t think Sylvia is going to take this very well. Her confidence level is already low.”
“Captain… I don’t care about her confidence level. All I care about is keeping my ass out of trouble. I’m up for promotion to chief and I don’t want any problems. Lieutenant Brown is a walking time bomb. Her officers have lost confidence in her… everyone is talking about how she crapped out the other day. I can’t afford to have the officers questioning the competence of our field commanders, and I can’t afford to have a lieutenant make a poor decision in the field.”
“Well… what about mandating her to the Psych Services Section?”
Major Foster replied, “For what? Menstrual cramps? Have you lost your mind? Didn’t you learn anything from that last sexual harassment complaint? You see… that’s what gets you in trouble every time. It’s when you try to help people that you get screwed. I know you mean well. You have a soft heart… and that’s what gets you in trouble.”
“Alright Major… I’ll call her back in and tell her that she’s being relieved of her platoon command and being reassigned to administrative duties.”
“Do it right now! Before she goes on and embarrasses us any further. I don’t care how you do it, but I want you to keep her in a little box in your office and don’t let her out of your sight until I get back next week. Do not let me down.”
“Yes sir… I’ll make sure.”
Shortly after the phone call with Major Foster, Watts called Brown into his office again.
“Sylvia… I just talked to the Major on the phone. I am sorry, but I have to relieve you of command of the afternoon platoon. Effective immediately, you are assigned as the District’s administrative lieutenant. I want you to take the next few days off and report to work at 8 a.m. next Monday morning.”
Your case study analysis essay must follow the following steps:
• Identify the key issue or issues
• Identify the likely root causes of the issues or problems
• Determine the viable solutions to address or resolve the issues
• Assess the likely ramifications of all your suggested solutions (consider the risks and cost-benefit of each course of action)
• State your final recommendations
Your essay must incorporate at least three of the subtopics from this week’s readings and state how they relate to the supervision of police personnel as it relates to this week’s case study scenario. Your response should go beyond the obvious and must be written at the graduate level. The paper should follow APA format and use at least two resources in addition to your textbook.

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