LGBT Health Care

Week 8 
This week, you will be learning about HIV screening and management. We will begin by reviewing the pathophysiology and progression of the disease. As a clinician, you will be responsible for screening patients and helping co-manage their diseases. You will identify HIV risk factors and prevention measures to help improve health and reduce the risk of transmission to others. Next, we will discuss the healthcare needs and experiences of lesbian, bisexual, queer, and transgender patients. As a clinician, you will learn how to create an environment that is welcoming and non-threatening to people of all gender identities and sexual orientation. Later in the week, the focus of your learning will be on providing quality sexual health care to patients, along with managing female sexual dysfunction.

Your Learning Objectives for the Week:

Assess the physiologic, psychological, socio-economic, developmental, political, and culturally diverse factors of common women’s health issues across the life span.
Utilize critical thinking, research findings, diagnostic reasoning, and independent judgment to assist the patient and the family in the process of rehabilitation to their maximum functional health status.
Compare the relationship between family structure, community functioning and health related outcomes for clients with reproductive health issues.


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