Letter From Birmingham Jail Critical Thinking Writing Assignment 2


Directions: Martin Luther King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail is the document in which he most clearly articulates his nonviolent direct action strategy to address segregation. His moral argument turns on two notions of interconnectedness of communities and the moral and political justification to not listen to the laws. In this essay, you will answer questions in two sections. Upload to Dropbox Writing Assignment 2. Due: October 30th


Section 1: Explain King’s belief about the interconnectedness of communities all across the United States? What does it mean to be interconnected? Do you agree with this concept? (1 page minimum)


Section 2: Dr. King describes what a just laws look like. Additionally, he explains at length some ways in which laws can be unjust. What is the key argument for telling when a law is just or unjust? Do you agree? (1 page minimum)


Section 3: Given your analysis of this one central text in sections 1 and 2, what do you think the relationship between community and justice is for King? (1/2 page minimum)


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