Write a three page, double-spaced answer to the following questions, drawing on information from the material I attached as well as any additional research.

During our lectures on Constructivism in the USSR and Dadaism in Germany we discussed attempts by artists such as Alexandr Rodchenko, Laszlo MoholyNagy,
Hannah Höch and John Heartfield to create images that would “defamiliarize”
the world for viewers, by revealing the ways in which natural or given
forms of meaning (photographic “truth,” for example, or the authority of political
leaders) are constructed and contingent (dependent on context, the specificity of
the medium, political manipulation, etc.).
Identify a contemporary photographic artist (working during the past twenty years) who seeks to “de-familiarize” reality in some way. What techniques does he or she employ? How is their work related to the longer tradition of de-familiarization and “making strange” discussed in class?

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