Legal issue in school: What to do if a teacher is accused (falsely) of sexual assault?

Imagine you are representing your school/District and develop a plan of action that is not limited to, but includes:

1. List of what to do and what not to do.

2. Identify who you would consult with for support and direction.

3. Sections of the School Act and other documents you would need to consult and why they are important to your scenario.

4. The facts/information you will need to collect.

5. Your action plan including time line.

1. Identify an important current or emerging legal issue for their school district. What to do if a teacher is accused (falsely) of sexual assault?

2. Narrow the selected legal issue to a one-sentence statement of, or question about, the issue. If the issue is complex, it may need to be reduced to a smaller component of the issue. Examples:

What to do if a teacher is accused (falsely) of sexual assault?

3. Research the selected issue using the related district policy, relevant negotiated agreements, and other resources from media, journals or legal references.

4. Develop a platform for action related to this issue. Prepare one well organized, concise action plan (approximately 1,200-1,500 words or 4-5 pages in APA format) that addresses how the educational leader (principal) is impacted by the issue and how to deal with the impact. The platform reflects the candidate’s educational philosophy, knowledge of the law, the dignity and safety of the involved parties, and the duty of the educational leader (principal).

5. Prepare a one-page handout of the identified problem. This is expected to be an outline for discussion. 

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