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Please see the attached documents. Also, pls note Anglia Ruskin Havard referencing is required. The writing level expected is level 6 and please first study all the documents I have sent. Most of them were sent to us by the module leader to help us to do the assignment properly. In addition, I sent a reference list where you can get information to use and of course, you can add more like nursing times, nursing standard and so on. Please, I am aiming to score between 85-90%. Some of the documents are the work I have done so far and they have been checked by my tutor and she made some comments on the sides. Pls kindly make amends putting those points she made into consideration. I have not included slides 1, 9,10 because I will like you to do all that for me. Also, pls follow the guidelines and study the marking criteria, Both of them has been attached. I repeat, pls before you start to go through all the attachments for all you need to do the work

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