What advice would you give to a leader who wants to improve his or her organization’s communication function so that it is more effective during a crisis?

See problems as opportunities for improvement rather than reason to blame or punish those involved.



2nd Discussion


Reflect on the aspects of your relationships with individuals in middle adulthood or if you are currently in middle adulthood reflect on aspects of your relationships with either your children, grandchildren, nieces, or nephews. What characterizes them? What is the nature of your interactions? On what things do you see eye-to-eye? Where do you disagree? How effective is your communication with one another? What things do you wish they could or would try to understand? What would make your relationships better and closer? For each area you discuss, provide reasons as to why you believe your relationship works that way and possible solutions to help make it better. Use the information from your module readings/videos to guide you.

        Areas for you to explore:

· Religion

· Politics

· Gender roles

· Lifestyle

· Work orientation

· Child rearing

· Social Media

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