Late Gothic through Modern Art
The purpose of this writing assignment is to allow you to conduct a more in-depth analysis of the material covered in Modules 1-3. It also helps us to meet the requirements of this “writing intensive” transfer course. The process of analysis, research, and writing on your selected topics will enable a better understanding of the selected artworks and periods. The writing process itself is another approach to learning art historical information, just like listening to the online lectures, reading the textbook, and taking an exam. In the end, this assignment should improve your understanding of the art historical periods; increase your visual literacy by introducing you to the conventions and forms of art writing; sharpen your analytical abilities; and hone your written communication skills.
Writing Assignment 1: To complete this writing assignment you should have viewed the online lectures for Modules 1-3 and read Chapters 14, 21 22, 24 and 26. This assignment will require you to consult one source other than the textbook. This outside source must be a current and reputable periodical (Wikipedia and online encyclopedias or dictionaries are not allowable sources). Site your source with the correct citation format as per MLA.
Assignment Directions: Select one of the numbered questions below and prepare a 4-6 paragraphs (roughly 3-3.5 pages) essay for your selected question. Number your written work as per the numbers below. Upload your work to the Writing Assignment #1 submissions link.
1. Discuss the importance of depth, space and perspective during Renaissance by examining the trends and influences of the period in general. Then examine the use of techniques used to create depth, space and perspective in the works of Giotto, Masaccio and Raphael. Select a representative artwork from each artist to support your essay. Compare and contrast the use of perspective in the 3 works selected.
2. In our first 3 modules we noted the rise of a new type of patronage along with some more traditional types of patrons. Discuss who the patrons are including their positions in the community, their source of income and their reason for commissioning works of art. Then address the influence the patrons had on the subject matters chosen and styles of the art preferred. Use 3 examples (from 3 different patrons and 3 different periods) of art works they commissioned to support your essay. Patrons chosen to discuss should be from Modules 1-3 or the periods of Proto-Renaissance, Early Italian Renaissance, the High Italian Renaissance period, Italian Baroque or French Rococo.

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3. Compare and Contrast the French Rococo period with the Italian Baroque period. Discuss the periods in general by addressing the centers of the movements, dominant ideologies, rulers and patrons. Then address the common subjects and styles by considering the similarities and differences of the two art historical periods. Use two examples (one Baroque and the other Rococo) to support your essay.

Writing Assignment Requirements and Tips
• Consult a style guide such as MLA for correct punctuation and citation formats.
• Include your name, the date, class, and assignment in the top corner of you essay.
• Paper formatting should include the following: 12 pt font size, 1″ margins, 1.5 spacing.
• A bibliography or works cited page is to be included.
• All paraphrased or quoted material must be cited in an endnote or footnote.
• Titles of artworks should be in italics (not quotation marks) and include the date with the first reference to the work of art.
• Do not use quoted material to finish or fill a sentence that you have started. Quoted content should be severely limited. Factual information including titles of artworks or known characteristics of a period does not to be cited. Save quoted material for content that expresses a unique theory or opinion.
• Plagiarism detection has been enabled in D2L. You will see a % rating for your file. Papers above 12% will not be accepted and must be reworked and resubmitted.
• To read about art related essays, I recommend the following style guides; A Short Guide to Writing about Art by Sylvan Barnett; Writing about Art by Henry M. Sayre; Visual Literacy by Amy Tucker. These books are fairly common and should be at most libraries.
• A great online source is This site provides help with the writing process as well as MLA citation information.
• Plagiarism is not acceptable academic behavior according to the Pima College Student Handbook and Code of Conduct. Writing Assignments will be checked at “” for plagiarism. Originality rating must be 12% or below. If plagiarism above 12% is noted essay will either be returned for rewriting or a grade of zero for the writing assignment will be accessed.Need a Professional Writer to Work on this Paper and Give you Original Paper? CLICK HERE TO GET THIS PAPER WRITTEN

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