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You will need to write a lab report that will consist of several parts, which include:


Problem / Introduction  – Define what your experiment is testing


These are the questions to address in stating your problem/purpose: What is osmosis? Define the terms hypertonic, hypotonic, and isotonic, describing how this experiment will be able to determine/demonstrate these concepts.


Hypothesis  – Give an educated guess on what you expect will happen to the egg during each phase of the experiment (soaking in vinegar, soaking in syrup, soaking in water). See if you can identify what type of solution each will be (hypertonic, hypotonic, or isotonic) when compared to the interior of the egg. Be specific. Remember, an important attribute to a hypothesis is that it must be testable.


Material Used – List all the material that you used for the experiment


Experimental Procedure – As detailed as you can be, tell me step by step what your steps were as you completed the experiment. I know that I already know the steps but I want you to pretend that I don’t. (I find it useful to write these reports as though for someone who is not in this class.)


  • How do you know if your procedure section is adequate? You should be able to give your procedure section to someone who has never done this experiment and they should be able to follow what you did step by step.


Data / Results – This section just reports your data that you obtained – it does not include your interpretation of the data. Use data tables or graphs to report measurements. You also need to report your written observations. Be specific and detailed, using several senses if possible. You must include pictures of you preforming this experiment in this section.


Conclusion – Now you can interpret your data. Tell me in your words what conclusions you drew from the data that you obtained. Was your hypothesis supported or rejected? How would you do the experiment different in the future? Is there anything that may have gone wrong in this experiment? This your time to tell me what you think was going on in the experiment.


References/Works cited – this is where you give credit where credit is due.  If you looked up any information, if you copied the procedure given in the instructions, then you need to cite your sources. 

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