Lozada 2005: “Kentucky Fried Chicken in Beijing” and Wong 2006: “What’s in a Dumpling?” On the one side are those who argue that globalization is a homogenizing force, making most of the world look the same, on the other side are those who see particularism and argue that global products, images, behaviors and so forth are locally adopted in culturally specific ways. After reading Lozada’s article “Kentucky Fried Chicken in Beijing” and Wong’s “What’s in a Dumpling”, please address the following questions in a essay, double spaced comparative essay: -How was KFC able to become “local” in Bejing (Lozada 2005: 175)? -What is an example of another global product or image that has been adapted in locally specific ways? -What does Wong mean when she concludes that: “local cultures have thrived on today’s globalized environment” (Wong 2006: 25).

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