The Research question: Does lack of parental supervision cause juveniles to commit crime? 
Independent variable: Parental supervision
Dependent variable: Types of crime
My Hypothesis: Juveniles only commit crime when there is no parental supervision
Breifly describe how you would go about conducting your study? I would select a number of juveniles from different backgrounds, races, offenders and non-offenders some with working parents some with one parent and some in foster care. What happens when there is a lack of parental supervision.
I will also include a sample paper that is the exact format for this paper, The content of the sample paper is not what you are looking at just the layout of all the things to be included in the paper.
An abstract
Introduction: Topic, why it is important, what has been found inthe past, a brief summary of literature review, what are limitations of what I am addressing.
The Literature review: Summary of theory and/or researchrelevant to the topic.After reviewing any relevant theory, focus of lit review should be SAMPLE(participants)
MEASURES (variables)
finding limitations of other relevant studies.The lit review sets the foundation for the study(what is the gap in existing studies?)
Conclude with a statment of your hypothesis
Methodology describes:- Sampling techniques and provides a description of the sample
Measures of Variables
How data was collected( survey, random sample Etc)
Describes the research design and why (explain the design)
State the statistical analysis
Results and discussion: analysis(5 steps)
accept or reject
Limitations to the current study/future research
Importance of your study (conclusion): For Theory an example would be Hersi social bond
Resources must come from a scholarly article preferably EBSCOHOST.
I will be uploading the sample paper as well as the 4 articles I found. If you have any question please ask I have had many bad experiences with paper writing in the past.


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