To understand behavior, sociologists look at their social location in society: their group memberships within categories like occupation, income, education, gender, age, race-ethnicity which influence their self-concept and behavior.


For this assignment, I’d like you to use elements of social location to explain voting patterns in the most recent Presidential election. In your analysis you should identify social location by referring to specific groups in society.


  • If you voted, how did your social location influence your choice? If you didn’t vote, how would your social location have influenced you to vote?
  • Now try to analyze elements of the social location of voters who cast their vote for a different candidate than the one you chose or would have chosen.
  • Can you link any of the issues that influenced voters to larger social structures? (See the NYT article linked in required reading for specific ideas.) 


Finally, if you are able, please register to vote! 


In California (Links to an external site.)


In the US in general (Links to an external site.) (it will look up your state) 


In California, if you are 16 or over you can pre-register to vote in the next presidential election. 




 This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeUse Course Material


Specifically refer to course concepts in your discussion using material from assigned readings, videos and/or discussion.




 This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeConnect Course Material to Your Experience


Write about connections you see between the course material and your life experiences. You can also relate course concepts to things you see, hear or read about in the media (if you do this, let me know where you found the media, i.e. NYTimes on 8/19 and include a link to the article or web page so I can check it out too!)

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