Subject Political Sciences

Topic     Journal Assignment …

Type      Essay

Level     High School

Style      APA

Sources                1

Language             English(U.S.)


What I asked for is to search for news, then you should think about the concept that relates to the news.

Connect the ‘Record’ with the ‘Relate’, Compare, examine, point-out, justify anything that you find relevant. after that is the review.

I Attached for you a good example for the assignment to have background how I want it + the guideline and the slides that you should choose a concept from. The concepts colored by blue. Choose only one concept.

The second part which is relate , say which concept you chose , define it then connect it with the news.

And please this is very important don’t make difficult and don’t use complex words or sentences , make it easy to understand.


Let me know about the news you choose before you start working on it.

Try to find a short and clear one.

I will be available to reply you anytime



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