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1. Jon Robin Baitz: Other Desert Cities
a. The Last Scene
b. The Women, the Men
c. “Other Desert Cities”
d. Parents, Children
e. Refuges from Reality
2. Nega Mezlekia: Notes from the Hyena’s Belly
a. The Old Ways
b. Surviving
c. Revolution
d. The Women
e. Family
3. Mo Yan: Life and Death are Wearing me Out
a. Changing Times
b. The Incarnations
c. Mo Yan’s Interventions
d. The Ups and Downs of Jinlong
e. Love
4. BJ Ward: Jackleg Opera
a. “Ode to the Middle Finger” (19-21)
b. “The Star-Ledger” (70)
c. “Upon Hearing that Baseball is Boring to America’s Youth” (113-117)
d. “Upon Being Asked Why I Dedicated my First Book of Poetry to my Mother When There’s Not a Single Poem in There About Her” (120-121)
e. “A Quiet Day in Newark” (233-234)

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