• The English poet and doctor John AddingtonSymonds struggled throughout his life with his sexual desire for other men.  In his memoirs, concluded shortly before his death in 1893, he comments upon the work of the sexologists.  For this assignment, read the document entitled “Symonds” in this file folder.  Then:


  1. Use one example from the document to explain von Kraft-Ebing’s understanding of homosexuality. (3 sentences – 2 points) – To get full credit for this, you must quote or paraphrase Symonds, explain what he is saying in the quote or paraphrase, and then explain how this reflects von Kraft-Ebing’s understanding of homosexuality.  Refer to the textbook, lectures and PowerPoint in your explanation.
  2. Use one example from the document to explain Ulrich’s understanding of homosexuality. (3 sentences – 2 points) – The same standards apply as in question #1.
  3. How does Symonds description of his childhood differ from or resemble the stereotype of the dandy that became popular in European culture in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries? (3 sentences – 2 points)  – To get full credit, you must quote or paraphrase the document, explain what the quote or paraphrase says, and explain how this example is similar to or different from the stereotype of the dandy. In explaining the similarity or difference with the dandy, refer explicitly to the lecture and/or textbook.
  4. To what extend does Symond’s description of himself as a man resemble acceptable definitions of masculinity, as dictated by domesticity? (2 sentences – 1 point)

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