Is Susan Well?
Many patients present to the practitioner for a well child exam. The well child exam is an important time to collect a thorough history in order to maintain the health of the child. The practitioner should be able to identify red flags during the history. There are several evidence-based screening tools so that the patient’s well being is stable. The purpose in this Assignment is to identify red flags of the adolescent during a well child exam.
Susan is a 16-year-old female who presents to clinic for well child exam. You need to gather the psychosocial history. You use the acronym HEEADSSS-Home, Education/Employment, Eating, Activities, Drugs, Sexuality, Suicide/Depression, and Safety.

What questions would you ask for each assessment category?
What are your differential diagnoses? (Give at least 3)
What is your diagnosis?
What is your plan of care? Please include at least 2 non-pharmacological treatments and appropriate referrals.

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