write a 2 page paper in MLA format answering each question thoroughly and concisely.

You can use Google to research “Digital Footprints” to help you in understanding the ethical issue for this assignment.


your digital footprint says a lot about you, but not everything is true or accurate. When you are a student, you may not think about the impact your digital life will have on future employment. potential employers may search web looking for information on job applicants. 


Is it ethical for a potential employer to use the Internet this way? Is it legal? What if an angry ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend posted some things, pretending to be you? How might this affect your chances for employment? Do you think it’s okay to post things that make you look good, even if they’re not true? Use the Internet to look up Internet defamation. Look up the definitions of libel and slander. How do they differ? What are the legal consequences of each?

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