Introductions should contain:

  • The purpose of the research
  • The problem or issue
  • The intended audience of the research project
  • The intended outcome of your research
  • Hypothesis (or Hypotheses)

Write a two-page document that includes the elements listed above and meets the formatting requirements below. For more detailed information, please review the Introduction Section Components page in this week’s module. 

Manuscript (Research Proposal) Requirements:

  1. Double spaced, one inch margins all around
  2. 12 point Times New Roman font
  3. Insert page numbers
  4. Left alignment; no justified
  5. Name and title at top of first page (no separate title pages, please)

Key Assessment Issues (Your grade is based on these elements):

  1. Whether or not your introduction contains the required content, as outlined above.
  2. Whether or not you adhered to the manuscript requirements.
  3. The extent to which you “make the case” for your research. For example, does your proposed research respond to an actual problem or issue.
  4. Presentation of your research hypothesis or hypotheses.
  5. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

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