Answer only two out of the six following questions. Answers should be approximately 4 – 5 pages in length for each question. Double spaced. (so choose any 2 questions below, each question will be 4 pages long)

1.What are some of the more important comparative strengths and weaknesses of the American Congressional and Canadian Parliamentary systems of government? Discuss

2.Terrorism is the indirect strategy that wins or loses in terms of the response to it. Discuss

3.The foundations of Canadian foreign policy have been consistently based on the principles of pragmatic multilateralism. Discuss

4.For the early Greeks the study of politics was all encompassing; it was an attempt to come to a comprehensive understanding of the nature of the individual and of society. Discuss

5.In a very basic sense the state is a human community that claims the monopoly of the legitimate use of force within a given territory. Discuss

6.Discuss the various stages through which legislation must pass through Parliament before becoming law. What are some of the more important surveillance functions available to Parliament for holding the Executive (Government) accountable? How effective are they?

Answers must be properly cited and contain a bibliography

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