Students will write a 6-8 page paper regarding an interpersonal concept/theory discussed in one of the textbook chapters. The paper should provide a more in-depth understanding of the chosen concept/theory using scholarly articles and other sources. For an A, students should utilize no less than eight sources; four of which should be scholarly. Below you will find stages for writing said paper.

I). Define the theory. In scholarly research, how is the theory discussed and defined. 

II). Pick a social context and explore it utilizing the theory in such a way as to help readers better understand the actual happenings of interpersonal communication

III). Answer the “So what?” question. Why is this theory important? How can it change our daily interpersonal practices?

The paper should be formatted using APA (Title page, page numbers, bibliography, etc.).

Required Textbooks:
Floyd, K. (2011). Interpersonal communication (3rd ed.). New York, NY: McGraw Hill Publishers.

Schultze, Q. & Badzinski, D. (2015). An essential guide to interpersonal communication: Building great relationships with faith, skill, and virtue in the age of social media. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Publishing Group


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