Students will use the internet to find at least four scholarly resources to answer the following questions related to autism:


(1) What are the possible early signs/symptoms of autism?


(2) What are the proposed origins/causes of autism?

(3) What are the most effective treatments for autism?

(4) What is the prognosis/outcome for a person who is being treated for autism?

(5) What would you do if an infant of a close friend or family member began showing signs of autism?

Please include your sources in your paper – either after each question. You must have a different web source for each of the questions.


Please type a paper answering the above questions formatting it in the following manner: 12 font Times Roman, double spaced. 


List each question followed by at least one “long” paragraph with information answering the question. Below each paragraph copy and paste the source site from which you retrieved the information. 


You must have a ‘different’ resource site for the first four questions. Paper should be longer than one page.


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