International risks that are important in internationalisation of start-ups in high technology sector

Problem background( use different problem analyses e.g: root cause analysis, issue map and mind map)
-Research objective has both external and internal part and is specifying research perspectives 
-research framework provides a big picture where all elements and activities of research project are visible
– research questions main question 2-4 theoretical and 2-4 empirical questions.questions should be researchable 
-critical literature review/definitions of concepts ( the critical literature review connects to the main business issue of the topic and the main theories presented in the theoretical framework
-research methodology research strategies and methods with explanation/validation why this particular strategy is used and what benefits it will bring to the information about data gathering (qualitative method is preferable) e.g: based on which criteria you will compare cases, select sample, define sample size, questionnaires and data analysis clear descriptions of the tools and techniques used to analyses the data
-research planning Gantt chart

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