Your tasks are the following:


1)    Choose any one of the following countries as ones in which UAE businesses or individuals are interested in as a potential export/investment destination: INDIA, USA, CHINA, GERMANY, RUSSIA or JAPAN (all members of the World Trade Organization)


2) You are required to gather information from relevant and reliable academic and professional sources on the Internet and to prepare a written report in which you discuss foreign direct investment and the trade policy in your chosen country.


3) Prepare a report. Be concise and focus on the facts (you can present your findings in bullet points) and discuss the following:

a.         Ten factors about your chosen country’s business environment, which encourages foreign direct investment and trade (include legal, political and socio-cultural factors)

b.         The trade policy of your chosen country: including details of rules and regulations on documentation required; restricted/prohibited goods; tariffs/duties/taxes

c.         Trade agreements between UAE and your chosen country

d.         Two recommendations on how to improve the trade policy in your chosen country

e.         Two recommendations on what your chosen country could do to further encourage foreign direct investment

f.         Six positive impacts of foreign direct investment on your chosen country (host country)

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