International Business / Management Article – November 1, 2019

In preparation for discussions related to international business / management:   Locate, read and interpret a current events article that deals with one or more of the themes presented in Chapters 5-9 of the textbook.  Examples of themes/topics include but not limited to  Cultural Environments Facing Business, The Political and Legal Environments Facing Business, The Economic Environments Facing Businesses, International Trade and Factor-Mobility Theory and/or Government Influence on Trade.  Since this is an course focused on INTERNATIONAL business, choose an article that is not solely focused on USA issues. 

Provide answers to the 5Ws and relation to topic covered in the book about the article.  Be prepared to discuss during class this evening.  Provide the citation / reference for the article.  

Who –

What – 

Where – 

When – 

Why – 

How – (if applicable) 

What theme/topic from the book chapter does this article


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