you will need to locate appropriate sources. read W59?

Pl-llliosmrguate arguments, evaluate the validity of sources. presentlggcal -‘ – Lu ;;-._A;*;-,;_4u(.V a
Hid % ‘ e information in presenting your own logical argument. You will also needlto

ocument sources and avoid plagiarism.

You must cite a minimum of six (6) sources (but you will probably cite more – and read even 73
than that!): ‘ I
At leasttvvo sources must be books published within the last 5 years (located through an in-person}
library search or library database search – NOT a general web/Google search).
At least four sources must be magazine, newspaper, or scholarly journal articles published WlfhIft‘tl’lB?‘*
last 5 years (in-person library search or library database search – NOT a general web/Google


A maximum of two sources may be websites. (This does not include web versions of print media.)
Your research paper should:

D be centered around a focused thesis statement (your clear, unequivocal position)

D be logically organized

i Cl be developed with appropriate. effective, and adequate support (including facts, statistics. expert
opinions. anecdotes, etc.) from a variety of academic sources
E] clearly, logically, and completely present your own analysis of the issue or problem (this is NOT
a report where you just summarize information that you have found on a particular topic.)

I3 thoroughly present the most important issues on all sides of the debate

D convincingly refute. counterargue, or concede opposing viewpoints

El demonstrate your ability to do scholarly (library) research, NOT GOOGLEIWEB SEARCHES-

D effectively document and cite sources using MLA style in the text and in a Works Cited

(refer to your Research Paper samples in the coursepack if you have questions; see also Cllflpfit-’¥’li
6 in Faigleylselzer, andlor the MLA link provided in class and on the ETUDES website)Need a Professional Writer to Work on this Paper and Give you Original Paper? CLICK HERE TO GET THIS PAPER WRITTEN

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