Case Study – 


 US AIR AND AMERICA WEST MERGER CASE (4 pages, no plagiarism, add references )


Discussion Questions 


1. How did different organizational structures create problems in the merger? What stepsdid the new US Airways take to reduce these problems?


2. When two companies merge, what steps should be taken to combine organizationalstructures and processes?


3. How did the differences in culture create problems for the new US Airways? What, if anything, could the executives have done to lessen these problems?


4. If you were a consultant brought in to advise on the merger, what advice you have givento CEO Parker?



Sources: Melanie Trottman, ‘‘Can US Airways Pass Test of Time?’’


 The Wall Street Journal


, December26, 2007, P. A6; Stan Gibson, ‘‘Airline Flies with Hybrid IT Plan,’’




, October 24, 2005; andStephanie Overby, ‘‘How to Save an Airline,’’




, February 15, 2006.




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