Individual Research Reports. Each of you will be expected to investigate a current “human”/HR issue or problem facing organizations today. Think in particular of issues that present strong challenges to organizations and managers, and yet which have not been written about extensively in the management/organizational literature. Begin by looking for whatever current research or writing has been done on your topic. You are then expected to do some original field research on your topic, i.e., investigate first-hand how two-four organizations are attempting to manage this issue, as well as the consequences of their actions.


Your investigation should explain the problem and its consequences, and examine how these different organizations are dealing with this issue.  You should have decided upon your topic by 2nd week of class, and your target organizations by the 3rd week. Each student will submit a 5-6 page typed, double-spaced report (this length is a minimum; you may go longer without penalty). Include citations and references to all sources used, following a standard procedure (such as the APA Guidelines). Research Reports paper is due during last week of class.


Note:  Title Page, Abstract & Works Cited page does not count toward the 5-6 page requirements.


1. Description of the topic: Define the topic and any relevant terms, give a brief history, explain

the prevalence and importance of topic, etc.


2. Pros and cons of the topic: Why should organizations care about this topic? What are the

benefits of successfully addressing this issue? What are the disadvantages of dealing with it?


3. HR practices to address the topic: Give specific guidelines on how HR can develop programs

and/or policies to handle this issue.


4. References: You must have at least five references cited throughout the paper and listed on your reference page. Textbooks are not allowed as references. However, you may download

articles from the library’s online databases. Appropriate references are journal articles and books (other than textbooks).



Below are some examples of potential topics listed by presentation area.



Internet recruiting

Contingent employees


Assessment centers

Personality/integrity testing Reference/background checks

Resume fraud


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