For this assessment you are required to write an individual needs analysis report from data provided based on a professional male football player playing in the English Premier League (position = central midfielder). The data is based on three areas: physiology, strength and conditioning and performance analysis. You will be required to identify the athlete’s strengths and weaknesses from the different data sets and provide some suggested interventions for improvements. It is important to think in an interdisciplinary manner. This can be defined as: 

“more than one area of sport and exercise science working together in an integrated and coordinated manner to problem solve.” (Burwitz et al., 1994). 

The report should include the following sections: 

• Performance Requirements – Brief overview of the performance demands of the athlete • Data Analysis – Presentation of the test data in a logical format 

• Evaluation – Identify strengths/weaknesses, provide details of interventions for improvements 

The aim of the needs analysis report is to demonstrate your ability to critically analyse ‘realworld’ athlete data and provide sound scientific justification for your performance improvement recommendations. Where appropriate, identify links between the three different disciplines (i.e. physiology, S&C and performance analysis) from an interdisciplinary perspective. 

Your report should be clear and concise, with use of figures/tables to support your needs analysis report.  




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