Albert Einstein wrote an essay in 1949, here is the link.

You all know my background as a stockbroker for over 20 years, it is easy to make the case for capitalism.  Although I disagree with Einstein’s conclusion, he does make some interesting observations and assumptions’.  Please write a 750-word paper using the following questions.  Make sure you write the paper in your own words and if you decide to use a source, make sure you reference the source.  I’m not interest in reading a paper that paraphrases everything.  This paper will automatically be checked for plagiarism.  The paper must be uploaded, no paper will be accepted by email or in paper form. The paper is due on or before December 9th at 11:55 pm.  Do not just answer these questions in a question form ,it must be a written paper. The paper must be uploaded, the tab is labeled writing assignment.   

1:   In Einstein’s view what makes it difficult for the discovery of general laws in economics? 

2:  What phase is Thorstein Veblen referring to with respect to our human development?

3:  In Einstein’s view what is the purpose of socialism? What if any problems might this cause in capitalism?

4:  In Einstein’s view man is in what two states simultaneously is constantly in?

5:  In Einstein’s view what is the abstract meaning of society?   

6:  Is it possible in Einstein’s opinion that man can be completely independent?

7:  In Einstein’s view what is the real sources of evil?     

8:  If private capital tends to be concentrated in few hands, what potential problems may develop?

9:  In Einstein’s view what is the most crippling evil of capitalism? 

10:  In addition to your skills, education and productivity, what else is your income predicated on?  

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