1. Why is it important that business people study business ethics?


2. Distinguish between primary and secondary stakeholders.


3. Compare and contrast the concepts of Business Ethics and Social Responsibility.


4. Please offer and explanation of an ethical decision-making model,  What elements should be considered when evaluating how to approach a business situation that implicates an ethical issue?  Please explain.


5. How does a person’s individual moral philosophy influence his or her business decisions?


6. Compare and contrast the three moral philosophies of Moral Virtue Theory, Duty Theory and Utilitarianism. What is the basis each philosophy uses to evaluate the morality of a particular activity?


7. Explain how corporate culture influences the ethical behavior of an organization.

8. Explain “Affirmative Action” and how it relates to Business Ethics.

9. Explain the concept of “Employment at Will” and offer an explanation of the risks and benefits that apply to employers and employees.



10. Discuss the ethical issues associated with multinational corporations.

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