Many people are being sentenced to really long prison terms. This means that the prisoners are aging. Some inmates come into prison with terminal illnesses while others develop terminal illnesses while incarcerated. Please review the article in this week’s lesson and discuss the following ethical dilemma…..

Bob is a 60 year old man serving a life sentence in prison for robbery and aggravated assault. He is a habitual offender and is on his third strike. Bob is also terminally ill with lung cancer. The doctors estimate that he has six months to live. His family would like for him to come home where they can care for him until his death.

  • Imagine you are a state lawmaker and Bob’s family is requesting that a law be passed to release terminally ill inmates from prison so they can be cared for by their families.
  • As a lawmaker are you in favor of such a law?
  • Please explain the reasons to support this law and the reasons why some would oppose this law.

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