Imagine that you are head of information technology for a fast-growth e-commerce start-up.  You are in charge of development of the company’s Web site. Consider your options for building the site in-house with existing staff or outsourcing the entire operation. Decide which strategy you believe is in your company’s best interest and create a brief PowerPoint presentation outlining your position. Why chose that approach? And what are the estimated associated costs, compared with the alternative?

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week 8 requirements 

There are lots of case studies on the internet that you can use for this project.

This project involves selecting a company ****of your choice *****and studying its domestic and international operations; then using your findings to conduct a comparative analysis and evaluate how it does business domestically and internationally. Based upon the analysis and evaluation, your report should identify business operational problems, identify critical applications variables and build or select appropriate operational and information strategies for achieving company’s short and long-term goals.

10-15 pages

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