• Identify whether your chosen country is a low-context or high-context culture. Support your response with examples.
  • Choose a country that is the opposite context of your chosen country, and support your reasoning with examples.

classmate post (respond only)


Norway is a low-context country just like the United States which means that the words themselves are very important in conversations of negotiations and contracts. For example, a contract actually means something and can be taken for what it is worth. In other words, what the contract says is what it means and is considered the final product of negotiations.

Some examples of high-context countries may include: Japan, most Asian countries, Latin America, and most African countries. In this culture, the social environment means more than the words themselves. Relationships are not valued as much,which means it’s a longer process to close a deal or negotiation because of the lack of personal bonding. Actually, Americans struggle with this a lot in the business world because they want to get straight to the point without building relationship first.


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