Respond to the prompts in the assignment. Please be sure to proof read your assignment. Take advantage of the writing tutors provided by the College. You should expect to write a minimum of three pages. 

Session Six Assignments:

Utilizing the results of all of the assessments we’ve done both in and outside of class work on the SWOT Analysis Worksheet and begin to think about your personal development. What are your personal strengths and weaknesses, and what is happening in the “real world” (opportunities and threats) that may impact your “plans”? This data will be helpful as you begin to work on your Personal Development Plan.

Learning Journal:

· Identify two of your strengths. Discuss how these will help you to realize your personal and professional goals.

· Identify two of your weaknesses. How might these limit your ability to realize your goals?

· Identify one external opportunity that may present options for your future career growth. Discuss the potential impact of this opportunity.

· Identify and discuss one external threat that may be an obstacle to your realizing your goal.


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