Your success with your high-profile client means your company’s reputation is growing. With all the new business, you need to hire additional protection specialists.

Write a 3-page job description based on best practices related to the Protection Specialist profession, discussing personality traits and attributes of a successful and unsuccessful specialist.
Include the following:

    • Identify personality traits and attributes of a successful protective specialist.


    • Analyze legal consideration for use of force during executive protection operations as applied to the job.


    • Identify the advantages and disadvantages of armed and unarmed protections and the protection specialist’s role in each.


    • Identify defensive and offensive driving techniques as applied to the job.


    • Explore the conduct of the protection specialist in regards to ethics, manners, dress, and professionalism as applied to the job.


  • The effects of stress on the executive protection specialist and ways to mitigate or avoid stressful situations.
  • Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.

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