Understanding the relationship between concepts, how researchers define variables, how a hypothesis is developed, how variables are measures, etc. is all part of the research process. This assignment requires you to apply these ideas and concepts to real work research questions. Simple research questions will be handed out in class.  


TOPIC: Relationship between exercise habits and self esteem.


Minimum 2 pages 


3 References 


Discuss the following in your write-up: 

1) Identify 3 relevant research articles that address these same concepts. 


2) Review this previous scientific literature and briefly summarize. 


3) Design a correlational study to investigate the relationship between these two variables. What is your hypothesis? How will you operationally define and measure the two variables? 


4) How will you obtain your sample of participants? 


5) Assume your study shows a correlation between these two variables, what are at least three possible causal explanations for this relationship? 


6) Can you design an experimental study to investigate the relationship between these variables? What is your hypothesis? What type of hypotheses does the experimental method allow you to text that correlational method does not? 


7) What is your independent variable? What is your dependent variable? 


8) How will you make sure that your study has high internal validity? Will you use random assignment to conditions? 9) Do any ethical concerns about the treatment of participants emerge from your experimental design?  





  • 1 Opening (topic)
  • 2 Research Question (which IV and DV)
  • 3 Literature Review (3 peer-reviewed articles)
  • 4 Hypothesis (think about IVs and DVs, possibly mediating variables and confounders).
  • 5 Methods 
  • 6 Data Collection, sampling 
  • 7 Ethical concerns.
  • 8 Expected results: correlations and 3 Possible explanations

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