You will research and prepare an eight (8) to ten (10) full pages (excluding title page, abstract and references) position paper in APA format addressing all of the following issues:

  1. Identifies ethical issue as it related to the business environment
  2. Ethical Analysis –  includes concepts, theories, practices and social responsibility as relating to ethics
  3. Legal Analysis – includes appropriate legal theories, laws, codes precedent and court cases
  4. Law v. Ethics – liability versus responsibility 


TOPIC – Research Paper Topic: Big Pharmaceutical Companies and their lack of Ethics and Corporate Responsibility with Regards to High Priced Drugs

Thesis Statement: Because Healthcare is not universally provided at a low cost and/or for free, Pharmaceutical Companies should be held to a price ceiling for all drugs, especially those that are a medical necessity. These corporations are making millions, some even billions, of dollars from consumers and health insurance companies, while many consumers cannot afford these prices and need these drugs to live and the insurance companies may be able to afford them, but they ultimately funnel these high costs back to the consumer.


Please be sure focus is on this being an ethical issue facing a business.  You will have to include several required sections – an introduction, a legal analysis including cases, laws etc., an ethical analysis including theories applied to the issue, a law versus ethical analysis (liability versus responsibility) and a conclusion.  Please remember that anything illegal is automatically unethical- therefore it would not fit the criteria for the assignment as an ethical issue facing a company.  An example of an ethical issue would be a company has made significant profits over the last three years and has a request by employees to upgrade safety equipment beyond what is legally required – should they do so?


Important Information for this Paper

  1. Students should review the template for a research paper on the main class page.
  2. Students will be expected to include three (3) to five (5) scholarly resources which will include at least two business journals and two named companies or legal cases that have dealt with the selected topic.  Wikipedia is not a scholarly source. Neither are private law firm sites.

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