Create a project plan for the new HWE Accessories website using Microsoft® Project®.Include the following:

  • 10 to 15 tasks
  • At least 3 sub-tasks for each task
  • An explanation of the project plan and the reasoning behind it

Risk Matrix:

Based on the project plan created, build a risk matrix for the new website using Microsoft®Visio® or Excel®. Include the following:

  • Determination of impact and probability of occurrence
  • An explanation of the risk matrix and the reasoning behind it

Key Factors:

Develop a list of key factors that will help to determine whether the website project is successful. Explain each factor and how it will apply.

Format your document according to APA guidelines.

Compile the project plan, risk matrix, and list of key factors into a single 1- to 2-page Microsoft® Word documen

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