Human development and family studies of Diversity Issues

Please keep in mind that this is personal reaction paper for the chapters of the book called “(2018). Readings for diversity and social justice (4th ed.). New York, NY: Routledge. Adams, M., Blumenfeld, W.J., Catalano, D.C.J., Dejong, K., Hackman, H.W., Hopkins, L.E., …Ximena Zuniga). Therefore, it is very important that essay should be ONLY written in casual words in order for other person to understand clearly.

-part 1 (15 pts): In this section, two readings provided in attachment, write a one and a half page reflection on each reading and why these readings had an impact on you by answering the following questions. (DO NOT summarize the chapter.) What did you learn from those readings. Did you agree or disagree with what the authors were saying? Why do you agree or disagree? Have you seen examples of what was discussed in the readings in your own experiences? What were they? include examples from your own (i am female and minority(Asian)) experiences that either support or refute what the authors are saying in their reading. 
-Ensure that your reactions contain critical insights into the readings.

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