HSC 350 : Continuous Improvement Quality 

The assignment is for each student to submit a minimum of written account of a 5 page your progress over a minimum of four weeks. Your paper should be 12-font, Arial script, APA format and double spaced.

Your paper should include;


Your Statement of Purpose (why you chose your area


Your AIM statement: 1) What you are trying to accomplish; 2) How will you know that a change is an improvement; 3) What changes can you make that will result in an improvement. 


Specify your measurable goal, how you collected your data and evidence of your data collection. 


Include the utilization of at least (2) CQI tools (example, Fishbone Diagram, graphs, flowchart, control chart). 


Submit a completed PDSA worksheet outlining each phase of your Personal CQI project. (You can use any worksheet you wish).


Submit a PowerPoint of your Project along with your paper. Your PowerPoint is a pictorial description of what is described in your paper. It will show the success of your Personal CQI project. For example, you may include your Aim Statement, your data collection over four weeks, your PDSA for your particular goal area, and QI process tools.  

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