HRM Organizational Training and Development

Imagine you have been hired to head the HR department for a young travel agency with 150 employees.

The agency’s previous HR head quit after only one year. After working there for a month, you realize why the previous person quit. The HR department does not have a clear mission and function. Also, the agency is growing and wants to hire 50 more employees, and you want to hire another staff member to help you in recruitment.

Create a plan that will help the HR department accomplish this job growth.
Write a report to summarizing your plans. Your paper must include the following information:
– The functions and challenges in the HR department in fulfilling this strategy
– The purpose of HR metrics and their effect on senior management
– How the HR planning process will be applied
– A determination of a strategic HR plan
– Recruitment and selection methods

Write in third person. Support main comments/statements with scholarly research.

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